My Studio in 3D

Last week I had the privilege of working with Simone Williams and Lawrence Butts to photograph a 3D Mini Tour of my studio space. Below is a highlight from the 3D image. 

One of Simone's highlights of my space.

One of Simone's highlights of my space.

Thanks to Simone's 3D Tour of my space, you can move the image 360 degrees and even see the art on the ceiling clearly! 

To see other Bloomington-Normal 3D image, go to Simone's 3D Tour Galleries.  My tour is found under the second City Highlights Bloomington tab, OR search for Angel Ambrose. Besides my studio, there are many other beautiful areas of interest that you can see.

Simone has a vision of sharing the beauty and charm of Bloomington-Normal through 3D images in order to attract people to our community.  She contacted me, after locating me on the Bloomington-Normal Area Convention and Visitors Bureau

Simone and Larry are great to work with and sometimes you get new friends. I enjoy both Simone and Larry. Simone loves photography and Larry is an engineer who designs, then creates using a 3D printer! While Larry was sharing some of his creative work, I realized he might be able to help me with a problem. Some of the lids of my favorite paints are falling apart, which means I will have more tubes of paint dried up soon. The manufacturer does not have that style of lid any longer and I have been losing the battle. With Larry's ingenuity and ability, he had new caps created in a day! Larry also created an invention that helps pet owners thwart pets that are determined to play with the toilet paper. His patent-pending invention is called The Shred-Ender!

For information about getting a 3D virtual Tour Package for your home or business, contact Simone Williams.