2016 Angel Ambrose Artist Trading Cards

What are Artist Trading Cards, why did I decide to create them, and when and how can you get one?

This year, beside painting new Artist Trading Cards, I plan on creating some $5.00 black and white line drawings with the intent of the purchaser coloring them for themselves. They are called, "Color Your Own Ambrose" Artist Trading Cards. Not only can you own an Ambrose, you can collaborate with me by coloring it the way you want. 

What are Artist Trading Cards?

Wikipedia states: Artist trading cards (ATCs) are miniature artworks about the same size as modern trading cards or baseball cards,[1] or 2 1⁄2 by3 1⁄2 inches (64 mm × 89 mm),[2] small enough to fit inside standard card-collector pockets, sleeves or sheets.[3] When sold, they are usually referred to as art cards, editions, and originals (ACEOs). 

Why Did I Decide to Create Them?

Last year, artist Brian K. Simpson had a wonderful idea to introduce an organized effort to introduce ATC to our local art community. Over 50 artists, including me, made ATC to sell for $5 - $15 dollars.

ATC are a great way to offer a small priced, one-of-a-kind, original art to patrons. Many people like the idea of starting a fine art collection, but to invest in a pricable work of art, is intimidating. ATC gives people the chance to begin their original art collection. ATC can be sleeved for viewing, or matted and even framed. Another reason I said yes, is because I am a fan of community. I realize I cannot commit to everything that is going on, but I selectively pick some events that I can participate in, to help grow our vibrant art community. And, it made good business sense. With a large downtown marketing effort, of course I wanted the chance to draw some foot traffic to my studio.

Plus, they are fun. I generally make thumbnail sketches before beginning a painting. Creating ATCs were like painted thumbnails and some of the issues I worked out, indeed found their way into larger works for my show called, Words AND Pictures.

When and How Can You Get Them?

You can contact me any time or come to my studio on March's F1rst Fr1day on Friday, March 4th from 5 - 8pm. To see a complete list of participating artist see the DBA's F1rst Fr1day listing.

Interested? You can email me. I can take payment over the phone and since they are small, I can easily mail them to your location.