Standing Stones For The Sacred Romance

Painted in 2001
Image size: 18" x 26"
Private Collection

I have been living and breathing this body of work for the last several months. My heart has truly been full, yet I have been subjected to some intense battles by seemingly harmless portrayals of scenes. I suspect that I became a part of the living painting called "The Sacred Romance" as I quarantined myself off from others to paint.

In my studio, inside my walls, I became the character in the battles and victories that were not always about paint. I have learned much through the journey of painting this body of work—things that have romanced me and changed me. There is a history of humans stacking stones for one reason or another. Some are profound, Egyptians stacked stones, then there is Stonehenge and other significant monuments. Some are as innocent as contributing a little to what nature has already exhibited, without any real significance.

While in Hawaii, I captured a portrait of such a stack of stones, innocent in their message but they pleased me visually. I saved painting this painting for last because I loved the sketch. Only during painting it did I ‘get’ the significance it had for me. In Israel when something really noteworthy happened in a place, the people stood a stone to commemorate the event so that all who would see the stone would know that God had done something significant there.

For me, Standing Stones For The Sacred Romance represents a significant 'landmark' in my life. While the creation process was wonderful, the part I desire the most is to share a part of my heart with yours. I hope your heart will enter in and you will experience some of the passion and joy I have attempted to portray thru the painting of this show.

Angel Ambrose